Andre Meyer receives FIVB Grand Cross


Andre Meyer received the FIVB Grand Cross at the 35th FIVB World Congress in Buenos Aires on Thursday

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 6, 2016 - FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° presented FIVB 2nd Executive Vice President Andre Meyer with the most prestigious award in the world of volleyball – the FIVB Grand Cross – at the closing of the 35th FIVB World Congress at the Hilton Hotel on Thursday.

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The award was presented to Mr Meyer, who has finished his mandate as an FIVB Executive Committee member, for his dedication to volleyball.

A former referee, Mr Meyer was the European Confederation President from 2001-2015 and also filled roles at the FIVB such as Referee Commission President and more recently Finance Commission President.

The FIVB Grand Cross was created by the FIVB in 1998 and is awarded to high-ranking government officials, heads of organisations and prominent figures in the sports world for their exceptional contribution to volleyball and beach volleyball.

Dr. Graça also presented Richard Callicott (England) with a Services to Volleyball award for his distinguished contribution to the development of volleyball and beach volleyball. Callicott was also awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2012 in recognition of his services to volleyball as president of Volleyball England.

19 national federations received plaques commemorating 25 and 50 year anniversaries.

The following national federations received plaques for their 25th anniversaries:

Solomon Islands (Asian Volleyball Confederation) – 1990

Anguilla (North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation) – 1991
Armenia (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Azerbaijan (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Burundi (African Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Belarus (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Dominica (North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation) – 1991
Georgia (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Kyrgyzstan (Asian Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Namibia (African Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Russia (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Slovenia (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Ukraine (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991
Lithuania (European Volleyball Confederation) – 1991

Five national federations received plaques for their 50th anniversaries:

Gabon (African Volleyball Confederation) – 1965
Singapore (Asian Volleyball Confederation) – 1965

Bolivia (South American Confederation) – 1966
Guyana (South American Confederation) – 1966
Virgin Islands (North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation) – 1966