Bas van de Goor seriously ill


King Willem Alexander with tournament director Bas van de Goor (right) during the opening of the Beach Volleyball World Championships

Lausanne, Switzerland, November 12, 2016 – Former Netherlands volleyball player and Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games gold medallist Bas van de Goor is seriously ill. The former Dutch star has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

“I have sad news, I have been diagnosed with lymphoma,” van de Goor said on Friday.

“Lately I have undergone all types of examinations. As soon as they discover the type of lymphoma, a definitely clearer treatment plan will be drawn, which will begin soon. This means that I’m going to fully focus first on the treatment and cure of this disease.”

The 45-year-old has been suffering from diabetes and the initiative of his foundation is to help people with diabetes to get a better life through sports.
Van de Goor played less than 295 international matches with the Netherlands men’s national team. He played at Atlanta 1996 and won gold, then continued for another Olympic cycle at Sydney 2000, where his team finished fifth.

Van de Goor had an illustrious career in volleyball and played with prestigious clubs such as Dinamo, Treviso and Modena. He won the Champions League three times.

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He played an important role at the 2015 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships. After serving as the tournament director of the The Hague Grand Slam for two terms, he was also the tournament chief at the successful Beach Volleyball World Championship.

The Dutch legend fulfilled his promise to make beach volleyball more popular in the Netherlands, as he turned the most iconic places in the Netherlands into spectacular beach volleyball courts.