Congress hails exciting future for volleyball


New forms of the sport, including snow and street volleyball, were discussed at the FIVB World Congress in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 6, 2016 – Delegates at the FIVB World Congress heard presentations on an exciting future for volleyball as the sport explores new territories including snow volleyball and street volleyball. They also heard a report on the FIVB Exhibition Hall, which will showcase the sport at the FIVB headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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The snow volleyball presentation given by Veit Manninger and Martin Kaswurm of event marketing company Chaka2 explained that athletes from over 20 nations have participated in snow volleyball events in recent years in the top winter sport destinations in Europe. Thanks to professional organisation, work with the media and international TV coverage, the movement has grown significantly.

Plans to develop snow volleyball include teaming up with existing sports events to build awareness of the discipline, and developing a global movement built on what has been put in place for the European Tour. The FIVB will also be able to reach out to the athletes of tomorrow with a focus on grassroots events and assessment programmes.

DreamFactory's Duda Magalhaes and Rafael Plastina presented ideas for street volleyball, another exciting development of the sport which looks to bring volleyball to a wider audience by turning it into a street party, organising inspirational showcases in iconic cities like Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and New York and spreading the message that volleyball is not only a sport but also a lifestyle.

The FIVB will continue to explore new ways of building bridges between volleyball and fans around the world by consulting with athletes, product designers and focus group experts with showcase events scheduled to take place each year from 2017 to 2019

Plans for the FIVB Exhibition Hall's cutting-edge interactive multimedia content were also reviewed by the delegates at the World Congress after a presentation was made of what visitors can expect when the facility is opened.

Following the initial decision by the FIVB Board to go ahead in 2011, a special working group set up by FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° was put in charge to launch and implement this ground breaking project.

Nine months of construction and a bidding process to determine the content providers has put the FIVB Volleyball Exhibition Hall well on track.

The extension to the FIVB headquarters Chateau les Tourelles is expected to house all the latest technology with the aim to educate and entertain not only visitors to the FIVB but also a growing online audience.