Numbers to remember this past season - 20, 21 & 22


At the top of the FIVB World Tour rankings are 20-year old Eduarda "Duda" Lisboa of Brazil, and Norwegians 21-year old Anders Mol and 22-year old Christian Sorum.

Lausanne, Switzerland, August 20, 2018 - The final chapter for the 2017-2018 FIVB World Tour calendar has been written and the only numbers of significance for the 32nd men's and 27th women's international Beach Volleyball competition are 20, 21 and 22.

Those numbers represent the ages of three of the four players that were presented gold medals and the championship trophies this past weekend in Germany where teams from Norway and Brazil captured the top spots on the podiums at the FIVB World Tour Finals in Hamburg.

On Saturday evening at Rothenbaum Stadium, 21-year old Anders Mol and 22-year old Christian Sorum of Norway captured the men's gold medals at the US$800,000 FIVB World Tour Finals by defeating Michal Bryl/Grzegorz Fijalek of Poland in the two-set finale to split the $150,000 first-place prize.

Less than 24 hours later, 20-year old Eduarda "Duda" Lisboa teamed with 35-year old Brazilian partner Agatha Bednarczuk to win the women's gold medals at the fourth annual FIVB World Tour Finals by posting a two-set win over the Czech Republic's Barbora Hermannova/Marketa Slukova in two sets to share the $150,000 winner's check.

Germany - Hamburg, August 15-19, 2018, $400,000, FIVB women's event No. 375
1. Agatha Bednarczuk/Eduarda "Duda" Lisboa, Brazil, $150,000
2. Barbora Hermannova/Marketa Slukova, Czech Republic, $80,000
3. Mariafe Artacho/Taliqua Clancy, Australia, $50,000 
4. Maria Antonelli/Carolina Salgado, Brazil, $35,000
Gold - Agatha/Duda def. Hermannova/Slukova, 21-15, 21-19 (43 minutes)
Bronze - Artacho/Clancy def. Antonelli/Carolina, 21-15, 19-21, 15-8 (51)

The women's World Tour Finals podium placers in Hamburg were (left to right) Barbora Hermannova, Marketa Slukova, Agatha Bednarczuk, Eduarda "Duda"Lisboa, Mariafe Artacho and Taliqua Clancy

Germany - Hamburg, August 15-18, 2018, $400,000, FIVB men's event No. 409
1. Anders Mol/Christian Sorum, Norway, $150,000
2. Michal Bryl/Grzegorz Fijalek, Poland, $80,000
3. Piotr Kantor/Bartosz Losiak, Poland, $50,000
4. Julius Thole/Clemens Wickler, Germany, $35,000
Gold - Mol/Sorum def. Bryl/Fijalek, 21-19, 21-17 (40) 
Bronze - Kantor/Losiak def. Thole/Wickler, 19-21, 21-15, 15-13 (60)

The men's World Tour podium placers in Hamburg were (left to right) Grzegorz Fijalek, Michal Bryl, Anders Mol, Christian Sorum, Bartosz Losiak and Piotr Kantor

The two gold medals won by the Norwegians and Brazilians validated both pair’s FIVB World Tour points championships for the 2017-2018 season based on a team's best eight (8) results at all FIVB-recognized events over the last 365 days from August 6, 2017 through August 5, 2018.  

A record number of events were staged during the 2017-2018 FIVB World Tour season with 42 men’s and 43 women’s tournaments starting in September in Montpellier, France.  The previous record for events in a season were 23 for men (2016) and 20 for women (2008 and 2016).

Mol and Sorum edged The Netherlands' Alexander Brouwer/Robert Meeuwsen for the men's title as the Norwegians had an 80-point edge in the final rankings (5,640 points to 5,556) for the Dutch pair.  Mol and Sorum are the second team from Norway to win a season FIVB ranking title with the first being Jan Kvalheim /Bjorn Maaseide in 1994.

Björn Maaseide (left) and Jan Kvalheim display their medals and trophies as participants on the FIVB World Tour.

Other men's pairs in the top-five ranking spots were Alex Samoilovs/Janis Smedins of Latvia (5.500), Piotr Kantor/Bartosz Losiak of Poland (5,240) and Adrian Gavira/Pablo Herrera of Spain (5,160).  Each team won FIVB events during the 2017-2018 season with Mol and Sorum winning the last three “major” titles in Switzerland (Gstaad), Austria (Vienna) and Hamburg.

On the women's rankings list, Agatha and Duda's margin of victory was 40 points (5,480 to 5,440) over Hermannova/Slukova with Maria Antonelli/Carolina Salgado of Brazil (5,120), Heather Bansley/Brandie Wilkerson of Canada (5,040) and Melissa Humana-Paredes/Sarah Pavan of Canada (4,960) rounding out the top five.

Agatha and Duda are the 11th women’s team from Brazil to capture the FIVB season points title with previous the other winners from the South American being Monica Rodrigues/Adriana Samuel (1994), Jackie Silva/Sandra Pires (1995-1996), Shelda Bede/Adriana Behar (1997-2001, 2004), Sandra Pires/Ana Paula Henkel (2003), Larissa Franca/Juliana Felisberta (2005-2007, 2009-2012), Ana Paula Henkel/Shelda Bede (2008), Talita Antunes/Taiana Lima (2013), Maria Antonelli/Juliana Felisberta (2014), Agatha/Barbara Seixas (2016) and Talita Antunes/Larissa Franca (2017).

Six-time FIVB World Tour champions Shelda Bede (left) and Adriana Behar of Brazil