Player 117191:  Biryukov - Denis Biriukov



Denis Biryukov was born in December 8, 1988 in

As a child he trained in Belgorod and had an honored
coach of Russia Yuri Ivanovich Tetyukhin - Father of Sergei Tetyukhin.

As part of the Russian national team he debuted in
September 3, 2009 in Istanbul in the European Championship match against a team
of Estonia.

  He started his
career in the second team of the famous club "Lokomotiv Belogorie -

In 2011 he played for "Gazprom-Ugra". In
August 2011 joined the "Lokomotiv" (Novosibirsk)

The winner of the World League in 2011 and World Cup

The winner of the Champions League 2013 with his club
"Lokomotiv" (Novosibirsk)