Beach volleyball photo among iconic moments of 2016


Another shot from the Olympic match between Laura Ludwig/ Kira Walkenhorst and Doaa Elghbashy/ Nada Meawad

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 19, 2016 – Spanish sports news network is currently featuring some of the iconic visual moments of the 2016 sports calendar and among the highlights of the year is a beach volleyball photo. 

The photo chosen shows Kira Walkenhorst of Germany jumping at the net against Egypt’s Doaa Elghbashy. Walkenhorst went on to win the gold medal alongside Laura Ludwig, but that wasn’t the story.

It was all about the clothing. The Germans wore standard beach volleyball wear of bikinis, but the Egyptians chose to be fully clothed and Elghbashy has her head covered with a hijab in the photo.

The website says the photo was one of the most commented on of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, proving both the universal appeal of beach volleyball and that you don’t have to be defined by what you wear.

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