Volleyball helps foster social change in Papua New Guinea


Volleyball fosters social change in Papua New Guinea

Lausanne, Switzerland, December 8, 2016 – International charity WaterAid is using volleyball to reach remote areas with its sanitation and disease control programme.

In a story reported by AustraliaPlus, WaterAid believes that it can improve the lives of people in Papua New Guinea, especially women, with its Water Sanitation and Hygiene programme, which also introduces communities to a range of disease control measures.

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Leentje Be’soer, WaterAid coordinator, uses volleyball as a tool for social change in Papua New Guinea.

"All the places you go to, there is always a volleyball net and there are always two posts standing there somewhere," Be’soer said. "You don't need a big space to tie a net. That is why I love this sport because it is accessible.”

"On the court, the men won't say that the woman cannot play," Be’soer said. “They believe that the women will be able to stop that spike. There’s no discrimination within that little space.”

The programme’s first target region is the East Sepik province, where players will share skills and attempt to convince locals that women need not be excluded from society during their periods.

Bernard Alu, outgoing president of the Papua New Guinea Volleyball Federation, supports the cause as a means for talent identification.

"You go to any rural areas, you will see volleyball being played," Alu said. "There's so much raw talent everywhere. If we can find someone that is good, this is an opportunity that we can tap into."

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