Volleyball 'moves' can feature in both the NHL and NBA


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Lausanne, Switzerland, December 18, 2016 – Sport in the United States is dominated by the “Big Four” – American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey – but that doesn’t mean other sports, volleyball included, exist in isolation, as the tweets below show.

The Americans, both men and women, are ranked second in the FIVB World Rankings and their performances on the international stage put them firmly in the high-profile category, even in a region dominated by other sports.

So it is not surprise to see volleyball referenced by some of the major sports. Basketball has an obvious connection as the players in both sports are usually tall, but a volleyball move in ice hockey? It can happen….

In a clip from the NHL, Josh Manson of the Anaheim Ducks “spikes” the puck over an imaginary net volleyball style in a game against the Dallas Stars.

In the NBA clip, Troy Daniels of the Memphis Grizzlies flies toward the net to beat the ball away from Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in another move likened to volleyball. 

If you can’t beat them, join them...

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