Coaches & Experts


Coaching Support – 2 years project

  • CHF 15’000 1st year      
    Upon application approval
  • CHF 15’000 2nd year
    Upon monitoring approval
Support of an elite coach to increase the performance of national teams in international competitions at all levels. This person will support to create an elite coaching structure that is continued by the NF independent from FIVB support.

Experts Support – 1 year project

  • CHF 2’500
    Upon application approval
  • CHF 2’500
    Upon monitoring approval
Workshops to build capabilities and set standards; from technical aspects of the game, to online content development, innovation, governance, social media and any topic that allows FIVB members to grow and become autonomous.

Train the Trainers – 1 year project

  •  Up to CHF 3’000, 2-3 days
2-3 duration course targeting PE teachers, coaches, trainers where a FIVB/NF instructor will teach them how to teach volleyball

Training Camps

Local solution – 1 year project

  • Up to CHF 3’000 total yearly support
Volleyball nets manufactured locally or close to the location of the project. The exact quantity of nets will be determined depending on the dimension of the project.

BVB Lorca – 1 year project

  • Pack 1 - 15 days 6 people
  • Pack 2 - 15 days 8 people
  • Pack 2 - 15 days 12 people
Offer NF’s Beach Volleyball teams preparation on a high level facility, under the guidance of a coaching staff. There are three different packages.