Athletes working from home and a dog plays volleyball


Poland's Karol Klos has stayed active during the lockdown

Lausanne, Switzerland, April 1, 2020 – Many countries are now under lockdown as a method to curb the spread of COVID-19, and while it is a challenge for everyone to spend long periods of time at home, these volleyball and beach volleyball athletes have been showing us how to keep in shape.

Kasia Skorupa is keeping her followers motivated during lockdown by sharing her fitness routine. The former national team setter has filmed her workouts to inspire her Instagram followers.

Kaia Mateo, a young player from the United States, did her version of the challenge, then Estonian volleyball player Liis Kullerkann got creative and used other home items.

Norway’s Mathias Berntsen showed that staying fit can be a team effort. Here he challenges his talented dog Kiara with a rally.

Because people can’t get enough of Kiara’s volleyball skills, Mathias made another video, this time doing a pepper drill.

Austria’s Martin Ermacora also exercised but makes sure he keeps his mind healthy too by studying.

And Poland’s Karol Klos does household chores while exercising.

Take inspiration from these volleyball and beach volleyball athletes, be creative but stay safe!