Beach Volleyball - Family Sport Entertainment


Children had the once in the liftime experience of playing with beach volleyball stars during the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships The Netherlands 2015

Lausanne, Switzerland, October 7, 2015 – One of the key themes which ran throughout the FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission meeting on Wednesday was Family Sport Entertainment.

"This is the new ethos about the sport of beach volleyball - beach volleyball and volleyball is the sport of the family,” FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission President Vincente Araujo said. “There is no contact, no violence. We are the sport of the family, we are the sport of peace and we are a sport having a lot of entertainment. You can take the whole family to see our show."

The FIVB has introduced many initiatives to engage fans of all ages in the sport of beach volleyball and the entertainment surrounding it. Common examples are the introduction of balloons during sets where fans can have the opportunity to play whilst still seated (or standing) in the tribune as well as players playing with children before the match.

Recent innovations such as the Challenge System and the LED net, which will be coming soon to beach volleyball, have been added to the overall entertainment package which also includes sport presentation.