CAVB Zonal Association Presidents visit FIVB Headquarters for mentoring programme

The three-day programme will focus on knowledge sharing.

All seven African Volleyball Confederation (CAVB) Zonal Association Presidents are this week visiting the FIVB Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland for a three-day mentoring programme where they can meet with the FIVB leadership as well as various FIVB departments.

The mentoring programme, which is running from Tuesday to Thursday this week, got underway with the CAVB Zonal Association Presidents visiting the Olympic Museum and being taken on a tour of the FIVB Headquarters. The Zonal leaders then met with the FIVB leadership, including FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° and FIVB General Director Fabio Azevedo. In addition, CAVB President Bouchra Hajij and CAVB First Vice-President General Idriss Dokony Adiker also joined the leadership meeting.

During his welcome message, the FIVB President said:

“Let me also emphasise that the FIVB has never stopped supporting Africa, its Zonal Associations and National Federations. From 2017 to present, the FIVB invested more than 5 million CHF into the National Federations via Volleyball Empowerment and development programmes, as well as via the Zonal Association Annual Allocations.

“The FIVB has approved 224 Volleyball Empowerment and development projects in 50 out of 54 countries in Africa since 2017 with a total investment of almost 4 million CHF.

“These include 40 coach support projects, 163 volleyball equipment projects and 21 coach the coaches knowledge transfer projects. 9,420 balls, 27 floors and 130 nets and net systems were  distributed across Africa.”

The mentoring programme continues today with the CAVB Zonal Association Presidents meeting various FIVB departments as well as Volleyball World to learn about the day-to-day operations and discuss any questions and challenges face-to-face. On Wednesday, they are also attending the second Zonal Associations Presidents Seminar from the FIVB Headquarters.

Joining the mentoring programme are Mustapha Lemouchi, CAVB Zone I President; Bai Dodou Jallow, CAVB Zone II President; Ali Sourakatou Yaro, CAVB Zone III President; Christian Matata Shwiti, CAVB Zone IV President; Fernand Ruterana, CAVB Zone V President, Khalid Cassam, CAVB Zone VI President and Kayseeven Teeroovengadum, CAVB Zone VII President.