Darius Cerka to lead Lithuanian volleyball family for another four-year term

Elections of the President and Board of Administration were held over the weekend

The Lithuanian Volleyball Federation (LTF) this past Saturday held elections for the presidency as well as for its Board of Administration, with the term covering the next four years.

Darius Cerkahas has led the LTF since 2016 and previously served as the National Federation’s (NF) Vice-President. He received unanimous support from all LTF members who cast their vote during the meeting, and will now lead the NF for the next four years .

Speaking after his re-election, LTF President Cerka said:

“I have decided to continue my work for another term for several reasons. During my first four years we assessed the situation on volleyball development at an international level together with the strategies of the Lithuanian Government towards sports development in the country. We have analysed the situation and developed the LTF’s strategy in accordance with the tendencies and pulse on both levels.

“During this period, we have been working towards the things which can and should be changed, and I’ve done some rethinking on how to overcome obstacles which impede the fruitful development of volleyball in our country.

“Together with the team and our community members we will reconsider the Lithuanian volleyball strategy, initiate some changes needed for volleyball to grow its high-performance level. I am thankful and grateful for the federation’s community, which once again have placed their trust in me and entrusted our team to continue the work which has been started for one more term”

In addition, Marius Vasiliauskas will continue his work as LTF Vice-President in charge of beach volleyball, while the former Secretary General of the Federation, Mr Andrius Gaidys will serve as Vice-President responsible for volleyball. Sergey Rodin, Tadas Jansonas and Edgaras Suchanekas will be leading the Refereeing, Youth and Coaching Commissions, respectively.

The first session of the Board of Administration took place right after the elections, with Ms Alisa Cesnuleviciute appointed as Secretary General of the LTF.