FIVB coaching support elevates level of women’s beach volleyball in Spain

Beach volleyball in Spain benefits from coaching support for next generation of talent

Spain’s youth and women’s beach volleyball programmes continue to go from strength to strength with FIVB coaching support as the Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation (RFEVB) aims to ensure a pipeline of beach volleyball talent for its national teams.

For the past two years, the FIVB has provided 12 months of beach volleyball coaching support annually to help improve the level of beach volleyball in Spain and ensure new talent is able to learn and develop. Additionally, 12 months of coaching support has already been approved for 2021.

FIVB support has enabled young, developmental players to train at the world-class facilities of the International Beach Volleyball Center of Lorca and benefit from the expert coaching of Marco Antonio Pires who is currently leading the development of Spain’s national beach volleyball teams.

Overall, the RFEVB is aiming for the project to bolster their efforts to classify two women’s teams and two men’s teams in the top 50 of the FIVB World Rankings, in addition to qualifying for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 beach volleyball competition.

Meanwhile, Spain’s national beach volleyball players are also looking to more regularly secure podium finishes on the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour and U-categories. The national teams have already found significant success in 2021, with Belén Carro being crowned a champion at King of the Court Utrecht 2021, Paula Soria and Belén Carro taking home gold at a FIVB World Tour 1-star event in Madrid, and Tania Moreno and Ana Vergara winning silver at this year’s CEV European Championship U-20.

FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° said:

“The FIVB is committed to support national teams around the world by reinvesting the money that comes from the sport back into the sport, ensuring that the overall level of volleyball and beach volleyball can continue to climb.

“With Spain in particular, the RFEVB has been able to establish strong talent pathways with the help of a very experienced beach volleyball coach. Simultaneously developing the current and next generations of talent is critical to ensuring long-term success in any support, and it is fantastic to see them achieve good results in both youth and senior categories.”

RFEVB President Agustín Martín Santos said:

“The FIVB’s support of our beach volleyball development coach, Marco Antonio Pires, has allowed us to take full advantage of the facilities of the International Beach Volleyball Center of Lorca. We have been able to enhance our programmes for a full year and have an exclusive, dedicated pool of young players, therefore guaranteeing the continuity of talent for the national teams.

“The initiative of the FIVB development programme is an important tool for the empowerment of National Federations and is in full accordance with the FIVB’s strategies for the growth of volleyball and beach volleyball across the world.”

Head Coach Marco Antonio Pires said:

“Every effort done to develop beach volleyball worldwide is amazing and important. I've been able to witness the efforts of the FIVB as well as the efforts of the RFEVB to discover and increase the level of the new generation of beach volleyball players in Spain.

“I have no doubt that this kind of commitment, effort, support and great cooperation is the key to success.”