FIVB E-Learning Platform transforms learning experience for global Volleyball Family

The FIVB E-Learning Platform brings together all online educational courses in a one-stop solution

Over 30,000 members of the global Volleyball Family have levelled up their knowledge via the FIVB E-Learning Platform which brings together all online educational courses available to players, coaches and referees on one user-friendly platform.

It has been two years since the innovative, new platform launched as a one-stop solution for volleyball education and it has already proven to be hit with the volleyball community. E-Learning courses that are hosted on the platform include a variety of materials on the Coaches Resource Centre and Referee Resource Centre for both volleyball and beach volleyball, in addition to key programmes like the Prevention of Competition Manipulation and Play Clean.

In particular, over 14,000 coaches and referees have taken the various courses available in their respective Resource Centres.

Meanwhile, the Prevention of Competition Manipulation and Play Clean courses have seen nearly 16,000 individuals take the courses, including: 13,242 athletes, 1192 officials, 792 national and club team coaches, 361 medical personnel, 238 international referees and 54 National Federation staff.

Both courses are mandatory and cover key topics in sport which are critical to protecting the integrity of the sport and ensuring a level playing field. Play Clean is the FIVBs anti-doping education programme which aims to equip stakeholders with the knowledge to protect clean sport and clean athletes, while Prevention of Competition Manipulation is designed to raise awareness of and combat the threat of manipulation in competitions.

FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° commented:

“We are delighted with the positive feedback from players, coaches and referees on the FIVB E-Learning Platform. It is clear the Volleyball Family is taking advantage of the resources available to improve their knowledge of not only volleyball, but key issues across sport that need to be tackled. We are always looking to further improve the platform and our educational offering to the FIVB’s stakeholders so that we can grow together as one united family.”

The FIVB is constantly reviewing and updating existing courses, alongside exploring the creation of new courses that would add value to the FIVB’s stakeholders such as diversity and inclusion and sports management courses.