FIVB Marketing and Communication Commission discuss volleyball’s potential

The Commission explored commercial, digital and marketing opportunities for the sport

The FIVB Marketing and Communication Commission held its annual meeting via videoconference today to discuss the marketing, digital and commercial framework for volleyball and beach volleyball.

The meeting focused on updating members about recent developments within the FIVB, including the creation of Volleyball World, a new commercial entity for volleyball and beach volleyball events. Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor updated the Commission about the company’s mission and ambitions, in addition to its key goals and challenges.

The Commission also had an opportunity to learn about the updates to the commercial framework of volleyball, in addition to the new marketing business-oriented approach of Volleyball World. The sport’s recent digital journey was also discussed at the meeting.

Opening the meeting, the FIVB President, Dr Ary S Graça F°, highlighted the sport’s digital-first approach, stating:

“We are investing heavily in the digital ecosystem of our sport. I believe this will be the key to greater success now and in the future.

“Volleyball World’s digital channels – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter – now have more than 13.4 million followers. And these channels are still growing incredibly fast. For example, since March of this year to today, all of these channels combined saw a huge increase of 3.4 million followers. We also recently celebrated the fantastic milestone of one million followers on TikTok. As I have said many times before – digital is the future!”

The FIVB has already hosted several annual Commission meetings this week, including the FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission and FIVB Technical and Development Commission meetings. The other commission meetings are scheduled for January and February next year.