FIVB President: The FIVB has the resources and tools for Africa!”

The FIVB President joins African Volleyball Family for the CAVB Congress.

FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° addressed the African Volleyball Family at the African Volleyball Confederation (CAVB) Congress 2022 in Casablanca, Morocco where he confirmed the FIVB’s commitment to supporting National Federations with resources and tools via the revolutionary programme of Volleyball Empowerment.

Addressing the CAVB Congress earlier today, the FIVB President stressed the importance of developing national teams around the world to attract sponsors and create role models for future generations of players and fans.

FIVB President with the CAVB President Bouchra Hajij


The FIVB President summarised the support provided to the African Volleyball Family over the last few years:

“From 2017 to 2022, the FIVB approved a total of 196 projects in 50 National Federations of Africa. This support, which went directly to National Federations, amounted to over 3 million USD.

“From the 196 projects approved in Africa there were 34 coach support projects for the development of national teams, 148 volleyball equipment projects, including 8,420 balls, 26 floors and 120 nets and net systems. We also had 14 knowledge transfer projects in Africa.

“We also have 7 authorised Zonal Associations here in Africa, which the FIVB supports through an annual allocation of 30,000 CHF. In 2021, the FIVB also supported each Zonal Association with 100 volleyballs – 55 volleyballs, 30 beach volleyballs and 15 Kids volleyballs.”

CAVB Congress met in Casablanca, Morocco


The FIVB President was joined at the CAVB Congress 2022 by the FIVB team, led by FIVB General Director Fabio Azevedo, as well as the Technical and Development and Legal teams.

The first day of the CAVB Congress saw delegates listen to the report of CAVB President Bouchra Hajij who applauded the huge progress of the National Federations since 2020, stating:

“We are committed to moving volleyball to the next level, and I am optimistic that we will see further success in the future. Your commitment, passion and hard work will see great results, and I promise to live up to your expectations. Together we will protect our common objective and we will use our efforts to grow volleyball in Africa.”

The Congress also approved the Financial Reports and changes to the CAVB Constitution and Rules of Procedure of the CAVB Congress.