Maldives accelerates beach volleyball development with FIVB support

Volleyball Association of Maldives benefits from FIVB’s revolutionary Volleyball Empowerment programme

Beach volleyball in the Maldives continues to development rapidly following the FIVB President’s approval of a two-year Volleyball Empowerment coach support programme to help the sport reach its full potential in the country.

The first year of the FIVB’s support got underway this January and saw the appointment of elite Brazilian coach Vinicius Martins Giorni to develop the Maldives national beach volleyball team programme.

The programme is already having a positive impact, with the national team showing significant improvement at the first Central Asian Beach Volleyball Championship in Sri Lanka. The players are now motivated and preparing for the upcoming qualification event for the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022.

Meanwhile, the Maldives will host its first-ever international beach volleyball event this year with a Beach Pro Tour Challenge stop in October.

FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F°:

“The FIVB is committed to helping the Maldives unlock its full potential in beach volleyball. It is great to see the significant progress that has been made in just three months with the FIVB’s support, and I am excited for the future of the sport in this country. 

“As I said during my visit to the Maldives last year, I want beach volleyball to be among the biggest sports in this country, with a strong national team to help inspire new generations of players and fans. Because I have no doubt that the Maldives and beach volleyball are the perfect fit.”

President of the Volleyball Association of Maldives, Mohamed Raneysh, said:

“We are grateful that the executive members of the Volleyball Association of Maldives applied for FIVB support as the approval of this Volleyball Empowerment project has transformed the Maldives beach volleyball into a bigger, better, and stronger discipline. Coach Vinicius from Brazil is a very hard-working coach and has adapted to the culture of the Maldives very easily, while his energy has accelerated the development of beach volleyball here.”

Coach Vinicius Martins Giorni said:

“The FIVB’s support is extremely important for the development of the sport in the Maldives. I believe that my experience in beach volleyball can help to speed up the evolution of beach volleyball in the right way. This support ends up benefiting the National Federation, the coaches, the athletes, and the country in general.”

As the project continues, the Volleyball Association of Maldives will look to further raise the technical level of its national beach volleyball players and participate in more competitions. The National Federation will also look to find and develop new talent to create U21 teams, in addition to hosting even more training camps to accelerate the development of the athletes.