Brazilian club Sada Cruzeiro project helps to cultivate elite volleyball talent

Behind the great performance of four-time FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship title holders, Brazilian club Sada Cruzeiro, is a project off the court supported by the Sada Group which sees hundreds of young people across Brazil given the opportunity to play volleyball with the top talent then sent to the club’s elite training centre.

The club’s 3-0 victory, in Betim, Minas Gerais, Brazil, over Italian club Cucine Lube Civitanova, gave Sada Cruzeiro its fourth world title and the incredible sum of 42 titles won since 2010. In this period, there were 58 championships played, the team reached the final 51 times, won more than 72 per cent of the tournaments played and won 82 per cent of the final matches.

“This was the most important title we have ever won,” said Sada Group Founder and President Vittorio Medioli.  “This is due to the fact that we had athletes who were prepared and grew up in our bases, such as Wallace, Isac, Cachopa, Rodriguinho and Lucas Loh, in addition to others such as Bauer, Resley, Oppenkoski and Cledenilson. It was the victory of a training project that climbed step by step to the apex of the world, showing a cohesion and strength that goes beyond the sport itself,” he added.

Many teams that play in the Brazilian League and other club leagues around the world, especially in Europe, hire talent trained by Sada Cruzeiro. “Sada Cruzeiro supplies the youth teams of brazilian volleyball and also the Brazilian Olympic team with talented players,” says Medioli, who was born in Italy, in the city of Parma, and has been playing volleyball since he was in school.

Vittorio Medioli, who became mayor of the city of Betim, home of Sada Cruzeiro, in 2017, said: “Betim has incredible sports DNA, not only in volleyball, but in other Olympic sports. As mayor of the city since 2017, I am taking care to ensure that young people have access to sports. This effort represents more education, health, discipline and joy”.