Top volleyball coaches join Technical and Coaching Commission meeting

The Commission discussed upcoming events alongside other topics

The FIVB Technical and Coaching Commission met via videoconference today to discuss upcoming volleyball events and the coaching support provided to National Federations via the innovative Volleyball Empowerment programme.

Some of the world’s most renowned coaches joined the discussions, including New Zealand’s Hugh McCutcheon, Italy’s Giovanni Guidetti, France’s Philippe Blain, the USA’s Karch Kiraly, Russia’s Serguei Shliapnikov, South Korea’s Ki-won Park, Japan’s Kumi Nakada and France’s Laurent Tillie.

The Commission was presented with the new partnership between the FIVB and CVC Capital Partners which resulted in the creation of Volleyball World. It also discussed a number of important topics during the meeting, including the updates on upcoming volleyball events, global coaches seminars and FIVB Volleyball Empowerment.

Opening the Commission meeting, FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° said:

“For many years now, coaching support has been one of the key pillars of our development programme. During the 2017 to 2020 Olympic cycle, the FIVB approved 408 projects from 180 National Federations from all five Continental Confederations, which totalled an investment of 7 million USD. Of these 408 projects, 158 were coaching support projects and 37 were coach the coaches programmes. In 2021, we have already approved 25 new projects, of which 11 are coaching support projects.”

“As you can see, Volleyball Empowerment and our development programmes generate a number of new jobs for coaches. And the Technical and Coaching Commission will continue to be fundamental in proposing coaches for the projects and also evaluating the jobs of the coaches.”

The FIVB continues its annual Commission meetings following the FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission meeting that was held earlier this week. The next meeting scheduled is for the FIVB Marketing and Communication Commission on Friday 3 December.