Watch King of the Court men's event in Huntington Beach


Lausanne, Switzerland, May 16, 2020 - Replay the 2018 King of the Court Crown Series men's event in Huntington Beach this week, as of Tuesday.

Featuring some of the leading players in the sport, this is your chance to watch the likes of Anders Mol, Christian Sorum, Reid Priddy, Robert Meeuwsen, Jake Gibb, Taylor Crabb and others battle it out in an exciting variation of beach volleyball.

Men's semifinal 1:

Men's semifinal 2

Men's final

Click to watch the women's event in Huntington Beach.

Here’s how the King of the Court Crown Series worked:

It wasn’t the usual two teams against each other, but five (respectively four and three) teams battled it out in rotational matches, with one team eliminated per match. There was a Challenger’s and a King’s side. Challengers served and points could only be scored on the King’s side. If the Kings won a rally, they got one point and stayed in their kingdom. If they lost, they were out and were sent to the back of the line of waiting teams. Challengers then moved into the King’s end to face the next team. The team with the least points on the buzzer was out.

All this happened to a ticking clock, adding another level of excitement to King of the Court tournaments. Round one and finals lasted max. twenty minutes, while round two lasted sixteen. In the finals, the first team to reach 15 points won or whoever had the highest score after 20 minutes won.

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