What would you like to see on your screen?


Lausanne, Switzerland, March 24, 2020 - Got a little time on your hands? Looking for a fun movie?

Here are a few suggestions with more to come in the days ahead.

Air Bud spikes back
A film featuring Buddy the golden retriever solving mysterious crimes and mastering... beach volleyball. Includes an appearance by volleyball champ Gabrielle Reece.

All you've got
Find out what happens when two rival high school volleyball teams have to play together as a single team.

Inspired by a true story, Miles looks for ways of earning a college scholarship and joins a girls’ volleyball team.

Side Out
A student from Milwaukee college becomes friends with a former volleyball pro while working a job evicting his rich uncle’s tenants in Los Angeles. The two compete together.

The Miracle Season
Also based on a true story, and following the tragic loss in an accident of one of their players, a high school team unites to play for the state championship.

The Iron Ladies
A 2001 film based on the rise to stardom of Thailand’s first-ever LGBTQ volleyball team.

A Norwegian documentary which chronicles the adventures of a team of ladies aged from 66 to 98 who take to the court for their first match after 30 years of training.

Attacker you!
A Japanese anime series which tells the story of a girl who moves to Tokyo to live with her grandparents and attend Hikawa High School, where volleyball becomes an important part of her life.

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