Yuji Saeki: “Mikasa is proud of our history with the FIVB and together we have worked hard to advance the sport of volleyball”

Mikasa President shares his experience as an FIVB Board of Administration member

The FIVB discussed the history and vision of Mikasa, a sporting goods manufacturer that has supplied the FIVB with equipment since volleyball was first included on the Olympic programme at Tokyo 1964, with its President Yuji Saeki. Mr Saeki recently joined the FIVB Board of Administration after previously serving as a co-opted member.

1.                   Mr Saeki, you recently joined the FIVB Board of Administration as a member with full rights and responsibilities. How do you feel about this position and what are your main goals?

It is indeed a great honour that, as a ball manufacturer, Mikasa has been granted the right to join the FIVB Board of Administration. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities on the Board and sharing with the FIVB our expertise and advice, in addition to contributing to the development of volleyball through our technical innovation.

Archive photo of Mikasa production


2.                   The FIVB has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Mikasa for over 50 years since volleyball was first included on the Olympic Programme at Tokyo 1964. What does this relationship mean to you and Mikasa?

It is no exaggeration to say that our over-half-a-century relationship with the FIVB is a key part of the history of Mikasa. Indeed, the FIVB is an indispensable partner for Mikasa. We are proud of our history with the FIVB and together we have worked hard to advance the sport of volleyball. Based on a history of more than 50 years, we would like to work together with the FIVB for the next centennial towards the goal of further developing volleyball. We would also like to strive for further educational and outreach activities, and technological innovations, that will support the FIVB and global Volleyball Family.

Taketoshi Saeki led Mikasa for more than 10 years

3.                   Your father, Taketoshi Saeki, was at helm of Mikasa for more than ten years, what was the biggest lesson he taught you that has helped you lead the Corporation?

He taught me the responsibility and the attitude of mind of Mikasa the ball manufacturer. This attitude is that we must continue to develop and produce balls which will enable players to reach 100 per cent of their potential, and to build a system whereby our products can be stably supplied anywhere in the world. I have inherited his ambitions, and have been working on the management of the company to become more progressive and evolve to higher heights.

Mikasa enjoys a long history of ball manufacturing

4.                   In 2017, Mikasa celebrated its 100th anniversary. What are your current goals and the vision for the company?

My goal and vision are to be flexible and responsive to changes, to be positive and progressive, and to lead society in a positive direction. Then, my mission is to steer my company in a direction where people can always feel that Mikasa is close to them, and where my company can always create fun and make people smile.


5.                   Mikasa has been the ball provider for volleyball since the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964. This year, we witnessed Tokyo 2020, can you tell me more about your experience of the volleyball tournament returning to its Olympic birthplace?

Even though I wasn’t yet born in 1964, it was a great pleasure which filled me with pride to see Mikasa indoor volleyball and beach volleyball balls used in a second Olympic Games more than half a century later in my home country.