Prevention of Manipulation Course

The offence of manipulations of sports competitions is a serious issue. The purpose of FIVB E-learning course on Prevention of Competition Manipulation is to help you understanding this phenomenon: how badly it can affect volleyball and your life, how important to step up against it collectively and understanding the consequences of committing sport manipulation.

Anti-Doping - We play it clean!

Gain knowledge of your rights and responsibilities in Anti-Doping. FIVB’s online Anti-Doping education programme, provides an interactive learning experience made up of videos and questions on a range of Doping topics, including Therapeutic Use Exemptions, Whereabouts and Dietary Supplements. Real life situations form the basis and users are tested with engaging exercises.


The FIVB has launched its new, mandatory Safeguarding E-Learning Course to provide athletes, officials and everyone participating in FIVB competitions with comprehensive knowledge on their right to safe sporting environments, free from harassment and abuse.

Coaches Resource Centre

The objectives of the course are:
To improve the knowledge and competence of coaches and teachers so that they may gain recognition as FIVB coaches.
To present the most recent trends of the modern game of Volleyball.
To establish in so far as possible a unified system for training coaches in all zones.
To enable each National Federation to develop national courses and an internal method of training and qualifying coaches and teachers.
To exchange ideas and experiences.

Referees Resources Centre

The Referee Online Platform offers courses and an online database of all important documents in order to guarantee a smooth and professional running of all FIVB events from the Refereeing point of view.