• The FIVB’s Projects Platform helps National Federations (NFs) get the right support from the FIVB to help improve the performance of your national teams, as well as fostering the growth of volleyball, beach volleyball and snow volleyball in your country.


  • The FIVB’s Projects Platform is a programme available to all NFs through an open online application process for support of only one (1) project in the following three (3) areas:

    1. Coach support,

    2. Volleyball equipment

    3. Coach the coaches clinics


  • Only NFs affiliated with the FIVB are eligible to apply for 2020 FIVB Development Projects Platform support. Please also note the following:

    - The FIVB must have approved the final report of any projects from 2019 in order for your NF to be eligible for support in 2020. [NFs with projects still in progress will be eligible to apply, but will be required to provide a final report once the project is completed]

    - Suspended NFs are ineligible for support

    - One (1) approved project per NF application


  • On the dedicated online Projects Platform portal, applications can be submitted by NFs for their preferred project. Please also note the following:

    - Applications completed in full, submitted on time and online are considered on a case by case basis.

    - Exceptional circumstances may be considered for other methods of submitting an application but must be requested in writing prior to the deadline.

    - In the case of exceptional circumstances being approved, the FIVB may provide a template for the project application.


  • A project application from multiple parties may be considered under the principle that a sole NF must be identified as the NF benefitting from, and responsible for, the project which will be reflected in the project agreement with the FIVB.


  • The FIVB will prepare an agreement for the approved projects binding the joint partners (FIVB & NF) to the project. Please also note the following:

    - The NF will have ninety (90) days from the date the FIVB sends the agreement to sign and return in order for the approved project to be eligible for support.

    - In the case that the agreement is not signed or returned within ninety (90) days, the approved project will no longer be eligible for FIVB support. The NF concerned will also be ineligible to reapply for another project for the remainder of the current year.


  • All approved projects with a signed agreement will be subject to monthly reporting and a final report. Approved projects may also be subject to site visits and a full audit at the discretion of the FIVB.


  • The 2020 Projects Platform application deadline is as follows:

    - Applications must be completed in full and submitted before 30 September 2020 at 23:00 CEST to be considered.


  • All 2020 approved projects require a formal reporting and accountability process comprised of the following:

    - Monthly reporting on the progress of the programme.

    - A final report to be completed within thirty (30) days of the completion of the project.

    - Approved projects may also be subject to site visits and a full audit at the discretion of the FIVB.

    - Please refer to the terms and conditions in the agreement for further details.

    Note that all reports are submitted online using Projects Platform where links to templates are provided.


  • The FIVB has the right to terminate any project that does not meet the terms and conditions of the agreement.


  • Project applications for coach support be considered for one (1) or two (2) years in length (one year + one year = 2021 and 2022):

    - The coach support application for multiple years must demonstrate a focus on long term planning (minimum four (4) year plan) for the development of the national team and describe the planned role and impact of the coach in the application.

    - A strict reporting and monitoring process will be in place for both single year and multiple year coach support projects

    - All coach support applications must be submitted with a budget (the budget template can be downloaded from the website or the online application, completed and must be uploaded with application).

    - The NF will be required to coordinate, consult and seek the approval of the FIVB on the selection process and appointment of a coach for the approved project.

    - The NF will be required to provide a signed copy of the coach’s contract prior to the commencement of the project. The FIVB will not provide funds for the project until this contract is received from the NF.

    - Instalments paid by the FIVB for coach support may be delayed if the monthly reporting of the project is not kept up to date, therefore it is the responsibility of the NF and coach to complete the reporting requirements for the project.

    - The FIVB will provide funds directly to the NF to support the role of the coach for the project, whilst the NF will be the party responsible for contracting the coach and local conditions such as accommodation, board and lodging, visas, work permits, local transportation and local insurances and taxes.


  • Applications for volleyball equipment projects can be submitted for only one (1) of the following materials:

    1. Volleyball court/floors (max one (1) floor per NF/project)

      - Indoor court – Gerflor (7.5m Taraflex Evolution 24m x 15m = 360 m2)

      - Outdoor court – Sport Court (“PowerGame”)

    2. Mikasa balls (max fifty (50) balls per NF/Project)

      - Indoor volleyballs

      - Beach volleyballs

      - Kid’s volleyballs

    3. Senoh net and net system (max one (1) net & net system per NF/project)

      - Indoor net system (2x posts, 1x net and 1pr antennae)

      - Beach volleyball net system (2x posts, 1x net and 1pr antennae)


  • Approved volleyball equipment projects require the following:

    - The NF receiving the VIK Goods donated from the FIVB Projects Platform to be fully responsible for the collection and clearance from the port or location of arrival. The NF has sixty (60) days to collect the goods and clear them from customs and take ownership of the donation, along with any costs associated with this matter.

    - If the NF has not collected or cleared the equipment within sixty (60) days of arrival, the FIVB reserves the right to take possession and seize the goods and reallocate them to another project.

    - The NF must not re-sell the volleyball equipment, nor is the equipment to be used for commercial benefits.

    - Therefore, the NF will be required to agree in writing to:

               - Taking responsibility for the collection of the goods and clearance from customs and any costs associated.

               - Not re-sell the volleyball equipment, nor use the equipment for commercial benefits.

               - The FIVB reserves the right to take possession of the uncollected goods after sixty (60) days to redistribute to another NF/project


  • Applications for coach the coaches projects may only be considered for a one-off seminar or activity. Please also note following:

    - NFs are encouraged to identify the topic and purpose of the seminar they wish to conduct.

    - The FIVB encourages NFs to be innovative in conducting a unique one-off seminar that contributes towards the performance of the national team, its players and coaching staff in the long-term development of the team.

    - The FIVB will work in consultation with the NF to assist with engaging an expert in the topic for the project, and approve the final expert who will deliver the activity.

    - The FIVB will provide support towards the coach the coaches approved project for costs such as: fee for an expert to deliver the seminar and a contribution to the travel costs of the expert providing a written contract is established between the NF and expert.

    - The NF shall provide the coach with the necessary working permit/visa that allows the coach to work, local transportation, living expenses (accommodation, transportation by car including fuel costs and meals), health insurance and costs of daily activities of the programme of the coach, including competition costs – travel, accommodation, meals and clothing etc.

    - The NF will prepare an individual employment agreement between the coach and NF. It shall be submitted along with the project agreement to the FIVB.

    - In the case of a delay in engaging the expert, the NF will be required to provide a copy of the contract prior to the FIVB providing financial support for the project.

    - For the coach the coaches projects, the FIVB wishes to be provided with a recording in video format of the seminar in order to share on the FIVB e-learning platform with other NFs.