Welcome to the 2019 FIVB Development Projects Platform application page

Your application may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It is possible to save the application and come back as many times you want up to closing date of July 15 2019. Later to the registration page if it is within the application period.



Before starting the application, please take into consideration the following criteria:


  • Project Platform is an annual programme established to support NF’s through an open application process for dedicated Coaching support, Volleyball equipment and Coach the coaches. This platform helps you to get the right support from the FIVB for improving the performance of your national teams, as well as fostering the growth of volleyball and beach volleyball in your country. 
  • Only National Federations affiliated to the FIVB are eligible to apply online for 2019 FIVB Development Projects Platform support. The FIVB must have approved the final report of project Platform 2018 for your National Federation to be eligible for support in 2019.
  • Joint projects between National Federations are encouraged. 
  • Applications for Coach Support must be submitted with budget (Template provided in application platform to download and complete). 
  • NF receiving the VIK Goods donated from Projects Platform, they have 60 days to collect the goods and clear them from customs and take ownership of the donation or FIVB reserves the right to take position and seize the goods and reallocate them to another project. 
  • National Federation can only apply for one project type per year. ( 1 project + E-learning on request)
  • Approved projects will require a signed agreement with FIVB prior to commencing. The agreement will be provided by FIVB. All 2019 projects with an agreement will be subject to monthly reporting, site visits and full audit at the discretion of FIVB.
  • All applications must be completed in full and submitted online before July 15, 2019 CEST 23:00.
  • FIVB has the right to terminate any project that does not meet the requirements of the agreement.
  • Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis but must be requested in writing deadline. In case of exceptional circumstances, FIVB templates for application, monthly monitoring reports and final reports of the project will be provided. 


  1. Open to All affiliated National Federations to apply online for FIVB resource equipment.
  2. Providing 3 types of FIVB support to National federations who complete applications. 
  3. Working in partnership to develop players and teams across the world. 
  4. For all successful a contract will be implemented between FIVB and successful National Federation President. applications


Projects Types

Coaching Support for Technical and Tactical Development of National Teams - Type A

  • Coach Support for up to 12 months for Category 3,4 & 5 National Federations
  • Coach Support for up to 3 months for Category 1 & 2 National Federations

Volleyball - Equipment - Type B

  • Volleyball Floors
  • Volleyballs, Beach Volleyballs & Kids Volleyballs
  • Volleyball nets and net systems;

Coach to Coaches - Type C

  • High Performance Coaching Clinics

Volleyball - E-Learning (on request)

To provide defined access to FIVB E-learning Platform hosting Coaches Resource Centre and Technical Resource Centre for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball coaches and officials .