Volleyball Equipment


To provide volleyball materials and equipment using key FIVB partners to allocate VIK to National Federations to encourage the growth and participation levels in Volleyball.


Through this type of support National Federation can apply for indoor and outdoor volleyball floors, volleyballs, beach volleyballs and kids volleyballs, in addition to volleyball nets and net systems.

This equipment will be provided through our partners using the VIK indicated in the contracts.

The FIVB will deliver the floors, free of charge, to the main harbour of the National Federation’s country (or to the closest main harbour). The FIVB will then coordinate with National Federation and our partners on the delivery of the balls and nets systems to National Federation offices.

Meanwhile, the National Federation shall bear all custom taxes, import duties, taxes including VAT (if any), licensing fees, taxes, storage costs and local transportation costs.

For volleyball floor donations, the National Federation is required to guarantee that it will take financial responsibility for the above-mentioned costs. The National Federation shall arrange all the import licenses with their respective governmental entity or get a custom exemption if needed.

It is also important to note that, the National Federation shall use its best efforts to ensure that the material will be released from customs within 30 days upon arrival at the main port of its country. National Federation would also be responsible for arranging local transportation for the goods to be moved from the port to the desired location, and shall not sell or commercialise the donation of volleyball equipment.