FIVB Volleyball Referee Course



Course Summary

We have the pleasure to announce that the FIVB Volleyball Referee Course will be hosted by the Mexican Volleyball Federation in the city of Durango from 17-29 September 2021, during the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship.

As part of the FIVB Volleyball Referee Course, the participants will be subject to a 3-day theory session. For the practical component of the course, participants will act as International Referees during the 10-day competition of the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U18 World Championship in Mexico.

Please note that the FIVB Volleyball Referee Course is held only once every 4 years, and upon successful completion of the course provides an opportunity for an International Referee to become and FIVB Referee, category C. Only the referees that have excelled themselves at a continental level may be nominated for the FIVB Volleyball Referee Course.

The best 25 candidates regardless of their continental affiliation shall be selected by the FIVB Rules of the Game & Refereeing Commission to take part in this FIVB Volleyball Referee Course. 

We ask to please select and register the best International Referees on behalf of your Continental Confederation who fulfil the following entry conditions by no later than 12 February 2021. 


  A.   Participants must be current international referees who have been registered and have proven activity at national and continental competitions for at least 3 out of the last 5 years in the FIVB VIS System.

  B.   Must be endorsed by the Refereeing Commission of the respective Continental Confederation and must be the very best international referees not yet graded within the FIVB grading system.

  C.   Respective Continental Confederation’s Refereeing Commission must provide a complete background and volleyball biography for each International Referee nominated to the course, by fully completing the international referee’s VIS profile.

  D.   Be minimum thirty (30) and maximum forty-five (45) years of age at any time during the year of the course. 

  E.   Must have completed Refereeing modules of the intermediate level of the Resource Centre/ E-learning material.

  F.   Must present to the FIVB Medical Delegate of the Girls’ U18 World Championship the official Medical Certificate (M-4 form) enclosed to his/her Individual Registration Form (C-R3). Participants will follow, an entry test conducted by the FIVB Medical Delegate to check all medical items mentioned on the M-4 form. Those participants who are found not in compliance with the established standard shall not be allowed to take part of the course. 

Course Registration