Referee Course Detail

Entry Conditions

  • Participants must be current international referees who have been registered by the FIVB at least 3 times out of the last 5 years. National Federations (and Continental Confederations as the nominating body) are responsible for checking their registration with the FIVB. In case of doubt the FIVB can be consulted. Participants must be nominated by the Refereeing Commission of the respective Continental Confederation and must be the very best international referees who are not currently graded within the FIVB grading system.
  • The maximum number of participants per course must not exceed 25 in total, unless some extra admissions is considered and approved by the FIVB RG&RC. Only the very best of the best international referees will be invited to participate in the course. This means that there will be no Continental quota or restriction. To ensure and maintain the quality of refereeing standards required for FIVB events, and for an international referee to be considered by the RG&RC for his/her admission to the FIVB Referee Course, each Continental Confederation’s Refereeing Commission must provide the complete background and volleyball history (volleyball biography) for the International Referee proposed. Should they pass the course, the referees will be Graded as FIVB International Referees at level C, in the first instance.
  • All the applicants will follow in advance an entry test to check their knowledge of the Official Volleyball Rules, the Guidelines and the Casebook and their abilities for speaking/listening in English. This entry test may be done through e-learning or by video link.
  • The FIVB reserves its right to reject applicants who are not found in compliance with the course Terms & Conditions, or who do not have the support of their National Federation.

Age Limit

  • The minimum age to participate in a FIVB Referee Course is thirty (30) and maximum is forty-five (45) at any time during the year of the course, proven by the official passport of the applicant.


  • Each participant must present to the Medical Delegate (if present) the official Medical Certificate (Form M-4) enclosed to his/her Individual Registration Form (C-R3). Participants will follow, if necessary, an entry test to check all medical items mentioned on the M-4 form. This is to be conducted by the Medical Delegate who has been nominated for the tournament to be used for the FIVB Referee Course. Those participants who are found not in compliance with the established standard shall not be allowed to take part in the course and will NOT have right to any reimbursement for expenses incurred.
  • The Medical Delegate must be provided by the LOC with the necessary equipment for the examination.

E-learning Support

  • The FIVB provides support for referees through its Referee Resource Centre. Nominated participants for an FIVB Referee Course must have shown evidence of completion of Refereeing modules (monitored by the Course Director). This may require the international referee to request access at least to the intermediate level of the Resource Centre material.