Player's Health

This section is specifically dedicated to volleyball, beach volleyball and Snow Volleyball players and contains information on the player's health. As the FIVB is committed to protect the health of its players and to prevent them from injuries, several programmes have been established.

The landmark FIVB Volleyball Medicine Congress 2011 has focused primarily on how injuries and illness can be prevented, how the risk of long-term disability can be reduced by proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and how to maintain Volleyball as a drug-free sport.

[PDF] Injury Prevention

[PDF] Injury Surveillance Program

[PDF] Heat Stress Advisory

[PDF] FIVB Heat Stress Monitoring Protocol

[PDF] Heat Stress in FIVB Refereeing Staff

[PDF] Sun exposure

[PDF] Health certificates

[PDF] Team Medical Personnel

[PDF] FIVB Concussion Protocol

[PDF] FIVB Concussion Recognition Protocol