The 2011 FIVB Medicine Congress took place in Bled, Slovenia from January 13-15.

As FIVB is committed to protect the health of its Athletes, the landmark Congress focused primarily on how injuries and illness can be prevented, how the risk of long-term disability can be reduced by proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and how to maintain Volleyball as a drug-free sport.

Keynote speakers included Chairman of the FIVB Medical Commission Roald Bahr from the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center in Norway, Elizabeth Arendt from the University of Minnesota, Lars Engebresten from the University of Oslo and Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, and Pavels Mustafins from Riga Stradins University in Latvia and the Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy.

This congress was the perfect platform for physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, biomechanists and other scientists to share their views on volleyball injuries and illnesses.


Next to the presentations in the main Congress Hall, workshops on specific topics were organized:

  • Workshop 1 - Lars Engebretsen (Norway)
    The IOC sports medicine program
  • Workshop 2 - Willem Meeuwisse (Canada)
    Update on concussions – Applying the Zurich consensus to volleyball
  • Workshop 3 - Andrew Gregory (USA)
    Considerations for young volleyball athletes
  • Workshop 4 - Grethe Myklebust (Norway)
    ACL Injury Prevention – A practical approach
  • Workshop 5 - Edvin Dervisevic (Slovenia)
    Sports nutrition for athletes
  • Workshop 6 - Ann Cools (Belgium)
    Clinical algorithm for shoulder pain
  • Workshop 7 - William Briner (USA)
    Challenging cases from the volleyball sidelines
  • Workshop 8 - Lars Engebretsen (Norway)
    Everything you need to know about the posterolateral corner of the knee
  • Workshop 9 - Hakan Alfredson (Sweden)
    Evaluation and treatment of Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Workshop 10 - Elizabeth Arendt (USA)
    Sparing the patella: strategies for treating patellofemoral pain in our jumping athletes
  • Workshop 11 - Pavels Mustafins (Latvia)
    Sports medicine in the former Soviet Union
  • Workshop 12 - Jacek Kruczynski (Poland)
    The FIVB injury surveillance system
  • Workshop 13 - Goran Markovic (Croatia)
    Plyometric training in volleyball
  • Workshop 14 - Willem Meeuwisse (Canada)
    Hands-on with the electronic pre-participation exam
  • Workshop 15 - Aaron Brock (USA)
    Principles and practice of core training
  • Workshop 16 - Lars Engebretsen (Norway)
    Update on treating medial knee injuries: it`s not just the MCL
  • Workshop 17 - Karim Khan & Willem Meeuwisse (Canada)
    How to get your article published in a peer-reviewed journal

Bled lake

Abstract Book

Abstracts within all fields of volleyball research were received. This includes studies on epidemiology, risk factors, injury mechanisms, pathophysiology, intervention studies, relevant biomechanical studies, studies on behaviour and attitudes, performance & fitness, and related research from other fields. All accepted abstracts were published in an Abstract Book and will be published in a themed issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.