FIVB Athletes’ Relief Support Fund  


FIVB Athletes' Relief Support Fund

The global coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on our sport at all levels. The FIVB understands that the postponement and cancellation of competitions for the foreseeable future may have  a significant financial impact on volleyball and beach volleyball players.

In response to this, the FIVB established an emergency Athletes' Relief Support fund which was initiated by the FIVB President Ary S. Graça F° and the FIVB Athletes' Commission.

Established to aid professional volleyball and beach volleyball players that are unable to afford the basic necessities and are in need of short-term support, this initiative will allow players to apply for support via an application process.


To provide volleyball & beach volleyball players with basic needs support on a case by case basis during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The FIVB Athletes' Relief Support fund is jointly led by the FIVB Athletes’ Commission members, the FIVB leadership and the FIVB Team (staff). It aims to financially support players in need of basic necessities and is not meant to replace loss of earnings or other types of support. Prioritised basic needs are food, family care, housing and utilities.  However your application is not limited to these, and other living expenses will be considered.

Two-Phase application Process: 

Phase I - Initial Application (closes Tuesday 23rd June 2020)

Phase II - Verification and Finalisation. Applicants who are invited to Phase II will be required to provide more detailed information and documentation to support the information provided in Phase I.



For any further information, please refer to the "Information to assist application process" file and the "FAQ" in the Quick Links sidebar. 





Phase 1