What is Snow Volleyball? 

 The FIVB is currently developing snow volleyball by teaming up with existing sports events to build awareness of the discipline and create a global movement, built on what has been put in place already on the European Tour.

Snow volleyball demonstrates the fun, passion and universality of the sport of volleyball, which is now accessible all year round, from the summer to the winter, from the beach to the mountains, indoor and outdoor. Volleyball any time, any place, anywhere.

Between 2017-2019, the FIVB aims to establish an eight-year plan and will test rules and regulations at various demonstration events.The FIVB vision is to offer opportunities to enjoy volleyball in all its forms which can unite people in a peaceful environment, with the goal of being the number one family sport in the world.

The FIVB has recognised snow volleyball as one of its disciplines and hopes that all affiliated volleyball governing bodies will do the same in their respective countries. This will contribute to the growth of the sport at the grassroots and international level.

The goal is to have a full-fledged World Tour from 2018/2019 season (minimum three stops within the territory of three different Confederations), a World Championship in 2021 and a demonstration event at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne.

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Do Snow Volleyball Players wear special clothes?

For the moment, there is no specific uniform designed for snow volleyball, so various types of clothing can be observed on the courts. Most athletes who play snow volleyball are also beach or indoor volleyball players.

As snow volleyball players, they usually wear thermal underwear under existing volleyball uniforms, that consist of synthetic t-shirts and shorts with some promotional logos. This helps players keep warm – especially in negative temperatures – while conveying the image of volleyball in general to the audience.

Football boots are used when playing snow volleyball, since they provide a grip on the snow and  prevent the player from sliding when playing.