Technical Seminars

The FIVB Technical Seminars programme is intended for technicians (with experience as Volleyball players and/or coaches) looking to improve their knowledge and competences of the different Volleyball techniques.

These seminars usually feature world-renowned Volleyball coaches and instructors and associate players for practical demonstrations.

Type of Technical Seminars   

  • Teachers
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Setting
  • Middle player
  • Outside Hitter/Serve
  • Defense/Serve/Libero


Regulations and Forms

[PDF] Regulations
Forms [ZIP] - to be completed by the Seminar Director


Technical Seminars Content - [PDF] EN - [PDF] FR - [PDF] ES
Beach Volleyball Technical Seminar Content - [PDF] EN - [PDF] FR - [PDF] ES

Annual Reports

[PDF] Technical Seminars 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011