Disciplinary Panel (2021 - 2024)

Title Name First name Function Country
 Mr  TOHYAMA Tomohiro Chairperson JPN
 Ms GARCIA SUAREZ Maria Jose Vice-Chairperson COL
 Mr GONZALEZ RIOS Luis Antonio Member PUR
 Mr DELECHAT Ludovic Member SUI
 Mr OSMANOVICH Dino Husak Substitute BIH
 Mr BADRI Malek Substitute TUN
 Mr  ESPALLARGAS Americo Substitute BRA
 Mr DUMOND Paul-Antoine Substitute FRA
 Mr ROUZBEH VOSOUGH Ahmadi Substitute IRI
 Dr BIGARD  Andre-Xavier Medical expert FRA
 Dr ABEDIFAR Homa Medical expert IRI

Appeals Panel (2021-2024)

Title Name First name Function Country
Ms. YOUNG Damaris Chairperson PAN
Mr. BEREND Thomas Vice-Chairperson LUX
Ms. ARABZADEH Katayoun Member IRI
Mr. DINGLEY Gavin Member RSA
Ms. SALMERÓN GARCIA Alejandra Substitute ESP
Dr. HAFNER Yann Substitute SUI
Mr. GREENE Paul Substitute USA
Mr. GONZÁLEZ CUETO Tomás Substitute ESP
Ms. WUN-MAN LEUNG Emba Substitute CHN

Ethics Panel

Title Name First name Function Country
Dr. PUELLO José Joaquin Chairperson DOM
Mr. URRUTIA GUIMARAES Ruben Vice-Chairperson URU
Mr. GHZALI Abdelhadi Member MAR
Mr. RASHID Khalid Abu Member KSA
Mr. CALLICOTT Richard Member ENG

FIVB Tribunal (2021-2024)

Title Name First name Function Country
Dr. HOFMANN Karsten Chairperson GER
Mr. AMALLO Francisco Vice-Chairperson ARG
Mr. TOTARO Micael Judge SUI
Ms. GONG Xiaoyan Judge CHN
Ms. BUNDHUN Narghis Substitute Member MRI
Mr. TYRONE MARCUS Jules Substitute Member TTO
Mr. STOLARSKI Piotr Substitute Member POL
Mr. SRINIVASAN Saimani Substitute Member IND
Ms. E.B. NICOLAU Jean Substitute Member BRA

Article 2.7 of the FIVB Constitution provides for the creation of four (4) judicial bodies:

Disciplinary Panel

Decides on alleged violations of the FIVB Constitution and Regulations. In the event of an anti-doping rule violation, a member appointed by the Medical Commission also participates in the Disciplinary Panel.

Contact: disciplinary@fivb.com

Appeals Panel

Decides appeals filed by an affected party against decisions of FIVB bodies (e.g. the President, the Board of Administration, the Disciplinary Panel etc). Appeals procedures are set out in the FIVB Disciplinary Regulations.

Contact: appeals@fivb.com

Ethics Panel

Examines possible violations of FIVB's rules on Ethics (see Disciplinary Regulations) and proposes sanctions to the FIVB Board of Administration or to the FIVB Congress.

Contact: ethics@fivb.com

FIVB Tribunal

Decides on financial disputes of an international dimension between players/coaches/clubs (as well as coaches/NFs) either (a) reviewing a decision taken by the FIVB/Confederation in accordance with the Sports Regulations or (b) directly, upon referral of a case by the FIVB/Confederation.

Contact: fivb.tribunal@fivb.com

 All Confederations are represented on the FIVB Judicial Bodies.