Official Volleyball Rules 2017-2020

This Edition has been commissioned by the 35th FIVB World Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2016 / Cette edition a été mandatée par le 35ème Congrès Mondial de la FIVB tenu à Buenos Aires, Argentine en 2016.


2017-2020 - New Edition

[PDF] Full English version (text & diagrams)
[PDF] Full Spanish version (text & diagrams)
[PDF] Full French version (text & diagrams)
[PDF] Full Arabic version (text & diagrams)

2015-2016 - Previous edition

[PDF] Full English version (text & diagrams)
[PDF] Full French version (text & diagrams)
[PDF] Full Russian version (text & diagrams)

Most pertinent changes 2016

Rules of the Game 2015-2016: most pertinent changes from the previous version.

[PDF] English version
[PDF] French version
[PDF] Spanish version

Casebook 2020

[PDF] English version

[PDF] Spanish version

FIVB Refereeing Guidelines and Instructions 2020 Edition

The FIVB Refereeing Commission approved the Refereeing Guidelines and Instructions to be applied to all international competitions.

[PDF] English version

[PDF] Spanish version

[PDF] French version